Training & Services

As a leader in our market, we have often been a company of “firsts” when it comes to value-added services.

  • Local business management seminars through Vision Plus University.
  • An early commitment to computerization in all BASF accounts.
  • A BASF certified Technical Support Staff whose sole responsibility is paint technology. Along with this staff are two fully equipped trailers to assist with onsite demonstrations and training.
  • The introduction of Business Development programs. These are programs that through the extensive training of ABSAP personnel and the innovation of BASF and Vision Plus Online, we are able to sit down with owners and managers as business consultants, helping them improve a shops efficiencies as well as its’ profitability.
  • Inventory management systems within the body shops that will not only give our sales staff an increased efficiency, but will offer additional benefits to our customers as well.


We have 9 Technical Service Specialist on staff. Their focus is BASF products and services. Here’s what a TSS can offer your company:

  • In-house training
  • Current and new product information
  • Training for new employees
  • Coverage during a painters absence
  • Paint and material costing
  • Measure and improve shop performance
  • VOC tracking and reporting


The ABSAP Training Center, located in Worcester, MA offers state of the art training and certifications in both a classroom and hands on setting. With a classroom that seats up to 24 and a fully functioning paint booth in the same facility we are able to host and teach countless classes to body shops techs and management alike. Sign up for our emails to be notified of the latest class offerings & email if you’re interested using our facility to host a class of your own!

Trainingcenter Demo
Lunch & Learn Seminars

Sometimes all your techs need is a brief training or refresher class. Over time, we have found that holding a class during lunch is both effective and a great use of time – and we buy the lunch! Let us design and implement your next Lunch & Learn with our other industry partners, all at no-cost to you.

Trainingcenter Classroom
Management Training

In the shop environment things are always changing. Do you need help with training your management team? Want to learn effective ways to drive up moral around the shop? Are you ready to create a team environment? Contact us to learn more about our management training sessions.

Trainingcenter Paintbooth
Technician Training

Tech training is one of the most important items in the autobody environment. Technology is changing at a rapid pace, let ABSAP help keep your techs up-to-date with what’s happening. We have great seminars and classes to help with continuing education.

Training Videos

3M Dynamic Mixing System

In the past, technicians mixed filler materials by hand, which 3M says was time-consuming, led to inconsistent mixing, pinholes and wasted materials. The Dynamic Mixing Systems pneumatic, hand-held applicator gun uses a nozzle with tornado-like mixing action to provide a self-contained system that blends filler and glaze with the correct amount of crème hardener and dispenses it on demand eliminating waste, saving time and reducing pinholes.

3M™ PPS™ – Paint Preparation System

An innovative system for mixing and preparing refinish material prior to spraying. The 3M™ PPS™ - Paint Preparation System replaces traditional paint mixing cups and filters and drastically reduces the amount of solvent required for gun cleaning.

BASF Refinish

Why is Glasurit 90-Line the paint system of choice for so many? Tony Dyach, Market Segment Manager - Glasurit, explains why the waterborne system is so popular.

SEM Products, Inc. – Plastic Tab Repair

SEM Products Plastic Tab Repair video will show you the necessary steps for completing efficient repairs on most automotive plastic tabs including tabs on bumpers, mirror housings and more.

SEM Products, Inc. – Rust Preventer

SEM Products, Inc. - 3957( ) RUST PREVENTER is a non-hardening internal panel compound to replace OEM corrosion protection on inner body panels. It is semi-transparent black in color and is easily applied to inner panels with a 360° pattern using the 71110 PREMIUM UNDERCOAT GUN & WAND or the 71120 RUST PREVENTER AEROSOL WAND. It's fast drying formula is a simple way to restore corrosion protection on new parts and replacement panels.

SEM Products, Inc. – Undercoatings

SEM Products, Inc. - 39523 RUBBERIZED UNDERCOATING and 40523 LOW VOC RUBBERIZED UNDERCOATING are paintable, fast-drying, asphalt free coatings that provide corrosion protection, sound deadening, and chip resistance. 40523 is VOC compliant everywhere. For larger applications, SEM offers 40524 LOW VOC Rubberized Undercoating in a convenient quart bottle. In addition to our Rubberized Undercoatings, SEM offers 39463 Undercoating & 40463 LOW VOC Undercoating which are a non --paintable, asphalt based, lower cost alternatives. For convenient, reliable protection, SEM Products offers a full line of Undercoating products to suite all your needs.