"Why ABSAP?"

“ABSAP is a company with strong principle and values with all that work there committed to continuous growth and support in my business. It’s nice to have a company always watching to make sure I’m getting the best product at the best price and the prices are locked I don’t have to worry about prices changing every day.

They are always doing something new whether with training , seminars , equipment or new products to improve the repair process which adds to my bottom line."

"ABSAP goes above and beyond.."

“We have been dealing with ABSAP for 22 years and has had 2 great sales people and that shows great stability in an organization. 

They always keep Carter up to date with new Products and Systems. ABSAP goes above and beyond. They are quick to address questions and concerns. At one point we did consider other suppliers and that made us appreciate ABSAP even more. Never any concerns or games are played with pricing and inventory.

Tech support: For example before the paint company had a formula for a specific color Bill Merchant spent several hours here matching that color and recorded the formula that he had created.Carter used that formula for six months before BASF came up with a formula. 

"Other companies do not have a system to compete..."

"We recently switched from another paint line because with the proper use of Colormax and Diamont paint the system works extremely well. Other companies do not have a system to compete."

"Very knowledgeable and helpful.."

“BASF products work well for us. The undercoat system works extremely well and the color matches are good. The store personal are very knowledgeable and helpful”

"Outstanding customer service.."

“The main reason we use ABSAP is because of their outstanding customer service and knowledgeable sales staff and willingness to assist with field problems. They have an outstanding staff at the store.”

"The technicians are excellent.."

“Some of the Great reasons that Auto Paint Rhode Island purchases from Auto Body Supplies and Paint:

  • • Professionalism
  • • Approach
    • Gentlemen
  • Great Product Knowledge
  • Great service
  • • Approach
    • Gentlemen
    • Approach
    • Gentlemen
    • Approach

  • They usually have answers to our questions and if not they find out and advise us in a short period of time. The technicians are excellent and were always willing to spend hours and days willing to teach us new procedures.

Why Choose Us?

Commitment to Paint Technology

We employ a BASF certified Technical Support Staff whose sole responsibility is paint technology.

Professional Training

We offer our customers local business management seminars through Vision Plus University.

Inventory Management

Providing inventory management systems to increase efficiency to the staff within our customers Auto Body shops.